Allgäu: the must-visit region of Germany

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Are you looking for the perfect place for a weekend or midweek break? Why not try Germany’s Allgäu, one of the most beautiful regions in Europe? Do you want to be one with nature? If so, the region in the south west of Bavaria is perfect for you.

The Allgäu is an attractive highland region in Germany which is mountainous thanks to its location in the Alpine foothills. It dominates the southern part of Bavarian Swabia between the Lech Valley and Lake Constance, and extends north-west in the direction of Württemberg. The main rivers flowing through the region are the Lech and the Iller. The region is divided into the following sub-regions: Upper Allgäu, Lower Allgäu, East Allgäu and West Allgäu.

The region is known for its beautiful natural landscapes. Staying in this part of Germany is often associated with therapeutic content as well, since the region is also known for its healing waters. In Germany itself, this area is more popular because of its agricultural products such as dairy products, starting with shepherd’s cheese.

The mountainous landscape of the Allgäu is primarily dominated by the Alps, the highest mountain range in Europe and a major tourist attraction. The region is also dotted with numerous lakes, which also add to the natural beauty of the landscape. This landscape primarily consists of hills, meadows, forests and lakes, as well as occasional, romantic, small villages which were established in the Middle Ages.

A visit to the region must include a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle. It is the ultimate epitome of a fairytale castle, just like you imagined as a child. It is one of the most popular tourist locations in the entire country. It is a fact that the castle in Walt Disney’s Cinderella is actually based on Neuschwanstein Castle.

You will also find many interesting things to do in the Allgäu if you are a water sports enthusiast. The region’s lakes can certainly provide a unique opportunity to enjoy the waters from a completely different perspective. For example, you could go sailing, windsurfing or water skiing. There are also courses for beginners. But you could also enjoy the refreshing feeling of horseback riding through the forests, playing tennis or playing one of the most popular sports in the region: Golf. The Allgäu really is a must-see destination within Germany, particularly if you want to combine nature, sport, adventure and relaxation in the best possible way.