Rolling hills, idyllic seascapes and the Allgäu Alps

The hiking paradise!

Endless expanses and hundreds of peaks

Hiking & Mountain Climbing

The mountains have characterised the region since the beginning of time. They exert a special fascination on people. Climbing a mountain is one of the most sublime feelings in the world! Several famous formations such as the Ammergau Alps and the Allgäu Alps are right on our doorstep. You can go on walks through the woods or climb to over 2500 m. There are many tours for all levels of difficulty.

Gentle hike with fantastic panoramic views

Lake Hopfen circuit

Easy, level hike through conservation areas with a grandiose panoramic view of the entire Alpine range. There are many restaurants and cafés on the lakeside promenade, inviting you to take a break.

Walking time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Route: the starting point is the car park at the Hopfen camp site or the Uferstraße car park in Hopfen am See (5km from Füssen). Follow the Hopfensee hiking circuit for 6.8 km.

Small and pretty woods and chapels on the roadside

Weißensee circuit

Easy hike rich in variety, partially over roots and partially on gravel paths. It is worth making a detour to the St. Niklaus Church in Oberkirch or St. Walburga’s church in Weißensee, which has a high altar to Dominikus Zimmermann. Don’t forget your swimming things!

Walking time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Route: follow the approx. 6 km long Weißensee hiking circuit starting from the car park at the Weißensee open air swimming pool (4km from Füssen, food and drink available) or the east bank car park on the access road to the Alatsee.

Ascent to the Alm with swimming in the mountain lake

Faulenbach valley-Saloberalm

Medium-difficulty hike off the beaten path, rich in variety. The ascent to the Saloberalm is very steep, but worthwhile. You can shorten the route by just going around Alatseeand skipping the Saloberalm climb. You should take your swimming things here, too!

Trip time: 3 hours (Alatsee only); 4.5 hours with Saloberalm

Route: from the hotel, go through the pedestrian zone and drop down to the river Lech. Follow the signs into the Faulenbach `Valley of the Senses` and from there to the Alatsee. The route to the Saloberalm branches off half way round (1087 m). Return along the same path.

Quick ascent, rewarded with a great view


Short, steep hike via a crossroad with a summit cross. From here, you have a unique view over the rooftops of Füssen and Lake Forggen! On the return leg, you can walk back to the hotel via Lech falls and the Faulenbach valley.

Walking time: 1.5 hours (without Lech falls); approx. 2 hours with Lech falls

Route: start at Hotel Fantasia and head through the pedestrian zone, drop down to the river Lech and cross the Lech bridge. Turn right. The trail begins in front of the Frau-am-Berg church which is located right next to the hillside. On the way back, you can continue to Lech falls by taking a left at the church. You then cross the bridge to Faulenbach and back to Füssen.

And on to the most famous landmark of the region

The castle circuit

(Hohes Schloß – Hohenschwangau – Neuschwanstein)
A wonderful, long hike with magnificent viewpoints for taking pictures of the castles and the Allgäu mountainscape.

Walking time: 4 to 5 hours (without castle visit)

Route: from the hotel, go through the pedestrian zone up to the `Hohen Schloß` and drop down to the river Lech. Go across the bridge and turn right to the Frau-am-Berg church. From the church, bear left and climb the Kalvarienberg (see number 4). The other side takes you to the Schwansee and up the Alpenrosenweg to Alpsee. You can circle around the lake and enjoy magnificent views of the castles or make the climb to Neuschwanstein Castle (+1 hour walking time). Return to Füssen along the pedestrian path next to the road or take the bus.

Villa Fantasia Boutique Hotel Fuessen Turm
Villa Fantasia Boutique Hotel Fuessen Tower
Villa Fantasia Boutique Hotel Fuessen Tower
Villa Fantasia Boutique Hotel Fuessen Tower
Villa Fantasia Boutique Hotel Fuessen Turm
Villa Fantasia Boutique Hotel Fuessen Turm