Holidays in Füssen

Spending the holidays in Füssen, Germany is in itself a treat. What most people do not know that on this side of the world lies one of the most charming, well-kept pieces of history that is not available anywhere else. This romantic town of Bavaria has long won the hearts of travelers all over the world because of its undeniable charm and irresisting charisma. With its many splendid sights and breath taking views, there is no surprise that more and more tourists keep coming back for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday in Füssen experience.

Whether you are a seasoned global trekker or merely an individual looking for a unique place these holidays, then holiday in Füssen is just the right one for you. This 700-year old town is strategically located on the edge of the Alps and in close proximity to a lake district, enough for anyone to enjoy that laidback, serene country life. Similarly, themed hotels and cottages are available for a charming stay. This would allow your whole experience to stay within the medieval theme that is magnificently laded all around town.

A Holiday in Füssen will not be complete without accomplishing the following checklist. Here listed are the must-see places and experiences that no visitor should ever miss while on a holiday in Füssen.

Füssen is beautifully situated within the highest altitude of all of Bavaria, Germany making it the prime location for visits to the fairytale castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein. Hohenschwangau is a small village just a few minutes away from Füssen. Here is where King Ludwig II (dubbed as the Mad King Ludwig) had dreamt of his own romantic castle. This mysterious king owned many of the castles now made famous for attractions. The surrounding grounds present a picturesque view of what a romantic getaway should be; stunning mountain ranges and still lake views. High atop the village is the castle of Hohenschwangau, a fortress that is both rich in history and style. It is a gallery of fountains, artworks and of course, swans. Neuschwanstein on the other hand, is King Ludwigs romantic castle come to life. This fantasy castle was paid for by the pockets of the Swan King himself, and not from the Bavarian government funds, which most people seem to think. Neuschwanstein is beautifully situated on top of a hill, overlooking down on all of what nature has to offer. It is truly a magnificent landscape, one worthy of landing in the fairytales. Indeed, these are but two of the must-see places that holiday goers should look forward to.

Indeed with each courtyard and turn of a pavement lies a whole new world of spectacle, awaiting to be witnessed. If you are waiting to be awed, then this trip is for you. The serenity which is only unique to German countryside as well as the travel-back-in-time feel is truly an experience worth the visit.  From the medieval brick town center to the wondrous nature of endless mountainous slope, there is truly no better holiday, than a Holiday in Füssen.

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