Enjoying the Culture in Füssen

Füssen - They call it the soul of Bavaria. It has been known to have so many archaeological finds as well as some cultural references. And for tourists to miss this small but very relevant town would be a big disappointment. People from all over the world have to love what the town of Füssen has to offer. From lush greeneries and the wonder that can only be attained in the purest of natural forms, Füssen is also home to a Catholic landmark as well as some of the most majestic architectural beauties known to man. For over 700 years, almost nothing has changed in the town. It is as if Füssen was preserved through the centuries and is a clear testament that the olden days still provide some kind of significance. Perhaps the only thing different is the number of people that come in to Füssen. The numbers are growing as the small town is being known for so many reasons.

You can get to Füssen the easiest way if youre coming in from Munich. There are trains there that go to Füssen immediately. Then theres the bus tour. The South Bavarian region is filled with buses that allow for tours along the town of Füssen, with special mention the castle of Neuschwanstein, a landmark and a favorite destination for people who want to see a real life fairytale castle. When you get to Füssen, you will notice a certain richness in the air. There are very few automobiles around the town as the best way to travel around is by walking. Expect something beautiful and classy when you get there. Keep in mind that at a certain time, people will come in droves to the town. This happens mostly during the feast day of St. Magnus of Füssen. His feast day is an event like no other in the Catholic world. People come to the city and will start the event with a mass in the grand St. Mang Basilica. It is said that the remains of the saint, along with his chalice and breast cross are within the Basilica, more particularly, in the Glass Cross in the altar. Then after the mass comes the most significant part of the event the festival. Along with all the pageantry, the most significant thing about the event is that they get to sell a rare type of wine called the Magnus Wine. Only 500 bottles are sold for the event, with the eventual buyers coming in auctions.

As much of a cultural place as Füssen is, it is also one of the best places to go sightseeing, especially during the holidays. Neuschwanstein is not the only notable castle in the vicinity. The Hohes Schloss or the High Castle is also a must-see place, as it was once the home of prince bishops and monarchies from Augsburg.

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