Castle Neuschwanstein and Neuschwanstein Hotels

Neuschwanstein is a famous 19th-century Bavarian castle on a rugged hill near Fuessen in Germany.

The castle was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat and as an homage to Richard Wagner. It was intended to be Ludwig"s personal refuge, but immediately after his death in 1886 it was opened to the public.

Neuschwanstein became famous as the "Disney Castle" after being the inspiration for Disneyland"s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Now about 1.3 million people visit King Ludwig"s Neuschwanstein castle annually.

King Ludwig II. was born on August 25. 1845. He became King of Bavaria in 1864 and remained king shortly before he died in 1886. King Ludwig is also known as "Fairy tale King" or "Swan King". There are many mysteries surrounding the former Bavarian regent. He is one of the most legendary figures in Bavarian History.

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