Allgäu: The German Region You Should Absolutely Visit

Searching for the perfect place to spend your weekend holiday or your week-long vacation? Why not try going to one of the greatest European regions in Germany, the Allgäu? If you want to be one with nature and at the same time, explore the culture of Germany without stereotyping and relating it to the notorious Swastika, this region in the south-west of Bavaria is the perfect tourism place for you to go to.

Allgäu is an attractive German upland and mountainous region situated in the Alpine Foreland. It dominates the southern part of the Bavarian Swabia in between Lech Valley and Lake Constance. It extends northwest towards Wurttemberg. The major rivers flowing through the region are Lech and Iller. The region is sub-divided into sub-regions: Oberrallgäu, Unterallgäu, Ostallgäu, and Westallgäu.

The region is noted for its beautiful nature landscapes. Staying in the region also means a therapeutic stay as the region is known for its water healers. Locally, the region is known in Germany because of its farm produce including the dairy products such as Hirtenkaese and herdsmans cheese.

The mountainous country side of Allgaeu is primarily dominated by the Alps Mountains. The Alps, being the highest mountains in Europe, make for a great tourism sight. The region is also comprised of numerous lakes that also contribute to the regions natural beauty. The landscape of the region is primarily comprised of hills, meadows, forests and lakes, with the small romantic towns established way back in the Middle Ages.

A visit in the region will not be complete without visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle. It is known to be the ultimate epitome of a fairy tale castle that you have known since childhood. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in the entire German land. In fact, the castle of Walt Disney"s fairy tale character, Cinderella was based on Neuschwanstein Castle.

Moreover, if you are a water sports fan, you will also definitely find lots of things to do in Allgäu. The region"s lakes could absolutely provide a chance to enjoy the region"s bodies of water. You could enjoy sailing, windsurfing, and water skiing. There are lessons available for beginners as well. You could also enjoy horseback riding, tennis and golf in the popular sports places in the region. Indeed, Allgaeu is the place to go if you are planning to visit Germany especially if you want to combine nature, sports, adventure, and relaxation.

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